Evolution Vs. Programmation

For years, fools have believed that MySpace was programmed by some invisible entity known as “Tom”. For years, his devout followers have praised him for his programming and dwelled within the MySpace site ever thankful for “Tom’s” work. They have stated that the very existence of the MySpace site is evidence of “Tom’s” existence.

But, in recent years, scientists have begun to notice a formation of what we believe to be the true origins of the MySpace site. Many years ago, before we first surfed the site, there was an explosion in the internet which caused random sequences of coding to come together and form the website. At the time, the site was full of flaws and many inferior pages. But over time, the coding began to evolve until the site became what it is today. We have been recording various changes throughout the MySpace website over recent months and have come to the conclusion that the website is still evolving.

Many “Programmation” theorists claim that we are simply speculating, or possibly purposely misinterpreting the evidence we have come across. But we are steadfast in our belief that this site exists due to the great wonders of evolution.

If this “Tom” did indeed program the site, than how come we have not seen him? Why does he not prove his existence by appearing before us? We believe that the “Tom” profile was created by the “Programmation” theorists as a ploy to convince the uneducated masses that the site did not evolve.

Join us now in our search for truth…the evolution of MySpace.

I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed this comedic parody. In essence this is simply a craftily designed method of explaining the war between evolutionists and creationists. Creationists look upon everything around them and they believe in creationism simply because they see the creation around them. Evolutionists look at everything and believe in evolution exists simply because they see the evolution around them. Than, they dig deeper. When they see the atomic composition and complexity of nature, they view it as the intricate design of evolution, while creationists view it as the divine creativity of a perfect God.

Obviously, the view point of evolution is foolish… even as the individual in our parody was foolish in his belief that MySpace evolved and was not programmed.

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