Excellent Examples of Technology Making Life Easier

1. Cell phones are a must for anyone who wants to live alone and feel “safer” for emergencies or just the ease of communication with anyone.

2. Personal Computers or Laptops whichever is best. Keeps all your records, pictures, anything organized and ready to use. Included in this are DVD players etc. for music and movie enjoyment.

3. ATM Machines and debit cards for ready cash when used responsibly, helps avoid the long lines at the bank lobby. Online Bill Pay is an excellent means of staying current with any bill.

4 Social Networks like Twitter or Facebook when used with caution for socializing with your family and “real” friends. Also, great means of selling and buying and tuning in to important information.

5.On-line Buying makes it easy to buy needed items when you know the product you want to buy and the seller is trustworthy.

6. Self- Scan machines at retail stores where you scan your own items and pay the checker. It helps when lines of customers are long.

7.Printer or Copiers and Scanners for home and business organization.

8.Eco-Friendly cars that don’t run on fossil fuel with devices that help with directions.

9.Automated Ordering for medications can save a trip to the pharmacy, especially in bad weather.

10. Talking Text Software into a computer as opposed to actual typing. Good news for anyone when typing physically on a keyboard is a problem.

I could probably “survive” without the inventions mentioned but really; I wouldn’t want to!

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