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Exercise ball workouts using stability balls can strengthen your core muscles, improve your functional strength, improve your balance, help with strength training, improve your flexibility, help relieve back pain, improve your posture and help you develop balanced back and ab muscles. An exercise ball can help you exercise with a wider range of motion, and the instability of the exercise balls makes you engage more of your core muscles in order to perform the exercises.

If you want a good strength training workout, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, exercise ball workouts can help. Both types of exercise balls are inexpensive to purchase and can be used without buying any additional equipment. Using an exercise ball can help increase the difficulty of some toning exercises that rely only on body weight. To make your training even more efficient, you can use a stability ball along with either dumbbells or resistance bands once you get comfortable with using the stability ball by itself.

Unlike stability ball workouts, which usually only involve one person, medicine ball workouts are often done in pairs, with partners passing the ball back and forth while performing strength training exercises. Exercise ball workouts using medicine balls can help improve your core strength, improve your coordination and agility, improve your reflexes and work your body on more than one plane of motion. You can also use medicine balls in solo workouts similar to the way you would use dumbbells.

Both types of exercise ball workouts can help you build muscle, which can help you lose weight since your body needs to use more calories to maintain muscle than to maintain fat. If you use circuit-training workouts with the ball and don’t rest in between the different strength training exercises you perform you will be even more likely to lose weight, since this type of workout can increase your heart rate so you burn more calories.

Keep in mind that you need to take certain precautions when you perform exercise ball workouts in order to minimize the risk of injury. Choose a stability ball that is the right size for you and keep it properly inflated. In general, this means that your legs form a 90 degree angle when you are sitting on the stability ball. Wear non-slip shoes while exercising and do not use an exercise mat underneath the stability ball, as this could cause too much instability. With medicine ball workouts, make sure to use proper form and a medicine ball that isn’t too heavy. Use your full range of motion, and do not take your eyes off the ball. Start with simple exercises and work up to more difficult exercises, and perform these exercises after your warm-up but before you do strenuous exercises that will tire out your muscles.

Exercise ball workouts can be an inexpensive way to improve your fitness level, as long as you make sure to follow the appropriate safety rules. Stability balls and medicine balls each provide different benefits, so consider incorporating both types of workout into your exercise routine from time to time.

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