Extreme Halloween Decorating Ideas and Instructions

Extreme Halloween Decorating Ideas And Instructions
Make this Halloween the best for your little ghost and goblins this year with these great Halloween decorating ideas.

Things you will need:

Poster paper, twine, sticks, hammer small nails, staple gun, fake spider webs, black, gray, and dark green spray paint, black permanent marker, grave markers (large rocks, old rotting wooden 2X10s or similar), crosses made from scrap wood), cardboard boxes, ashes from a fire pit or grill, duck tape.

Scariest Jack-O-Lantern Ever

Turn your yard into a haunted trail that ends at your front door. To get started you will want to make an enter here sign to let the little monster know where the trail of horrors begins. Place a jack-o-lantern at the bottom of the sign. A cool trick to make the jack-o-lantern look really scary is to spray paint it black or dark green.

Hint: For a really scary jack-o-lantern make it a few days in advance and let it sit in the sun. The pumpkin will begin to shrivel up and really look spooky.

Enter Here Sign

Use a piece of card board painted white and both sides with craft paint to make it look like old wood or you can use real old wood. The sign should be crooked and have spider webs hanging off of it. To make the sign appear old you can rub ashes from a fire pit or grill on it. Write the message on the sign in sloppy handwriting with a black permanent marker.

Grave Markers

Place graves on each side of the trail using large rocks for foot markers and hand made crosses at the head of the graves. For a more scary appearance you can purchase an amputated hand at most any dollar store and bury part of the arm to make it appear as though the hand were digging out of the grave. If you want a dirt pile on top of the grave fall leaves piled up will work great. Make sure to use plenty of fake spider webs.

Cardboard Coffin

An uncovered coffin sitting in the grave yard will have a nice frightening effect on trick or treaters. You can make the coffin out of cardboard boxes and black spray paint. Be sure to make a fake vampire to put in the coffin, you can make the vampire out of old cloths and an old Halloween mask.


Ghostly Ghost

Ghost hanging from the trees always gives good grave yard look. You can do this by tearing an old bed sheet or pillow case, simply rip the sheet or pillow case leaving taters at the ends. Use a plastic grocery bag filled with other plastic grocery bags as the head for the ghost. Put the plastic bag into the head of your ghost and use twine or thin wire to hand him in a tree or off of the porch ceiling.

These are only a few good ideas for Halloween decorating add some of your own ideas along with some scary music and your trail of horrors will be remembered all year long.

This article will be updated with links to other great ideas aeveral times between now and Halloween with links to other of my great Halloween decorating ideas.

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