Facebook V. Twitter

Face book v. twitter

What are face book and twitter? They are two social networking sites. It is a free membership for both. Each website has a lot to offer their members. The networking sites are constantly changing and updating their features.

Face book benefits-

Face book keeps friends and families connected, no matter the distance. Photographs and videos are uploaded to share with the world. The profiles they create are allowed to be public or private. This site is easy to become familiar with. There is nothing hard to understand about face book. Face book unlike twitter has games, quizzes and horoscopes available to their members.

Face book has a chat box available for members. It is similar to a messenger feature. You can chat with anyone on your contact list as long as they are available to do so. It is a great feature for families and friends who do not live close to each other. They have many more features to choose from.

Twitter benefits-

Twitter is a blogging service. It allows members to follow various people. The blogs are similar to text messages. Twitter has quite a few contests. I don’t have personal experience with the contests for twitter. However I do know a friend who has personally won quite a few things from twitter. I don’t know how she does it but she has several times. I believe she has won things such as a Dyson vacuum cleaner, and a big screen television.

Twitter has become a worldwide networking genius. It keeps members on their toes waiting for the next text messaging blog. You can follow anyone on twitter as long as they have an account. A great deal of celebrities are using twitter keep us all up to date on their worldly adventures.

Twitter and face book are just two of the sites available in the world of networking and technology. Technology has expanded our world. We will never view it the same way again. It is changing every day. Nothing in the world of technology will stay the same. It will just keep getting better and better.

In personal experience, I prefer face book over twitter. I do have an account with twitter, but as of now I find it more difficult to comprehend only because knowledge is lacking in the world of twitter.

The choice is yours. Which will be your main focus? Or will you even choose and decide to have accounts with both of them?

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