Fall Wedding Theme Ideas

Fall can be the most beautiful time of the year and an ideal time to get married. There are a lot of things to consider and a lot of them will be things over which the bride and groom will have no control whatsoever. Fall wedding ideas can lead to a special wedding the like of which the guests have not seen before.

The main one will be the weather as by the time fall arrives there is no way to say what the day will bring. It could be just like a summers’ day but could also seem like the beginning of winter. If you are really unlucky it could start as one and end as the other. There is also the need to consider the lifestyle of the guests. If they have children who have commitments through school it will be hard for them to suddenly stop the children doing what they are used to or keeping to commitments they have made.

Once the date has been set there are many fall wedding ideas that will help you arrange the wedding around the fall theme. This will range from the invitation to the clothes and include the décor and food plus everything else in between.

The invitations can be the first things to be reminiscent of fall. They can be a warm brown and beige, placed in a gold envelope. As well as the normal print on the front such as a bride and groom with rings, add a brown leaf a harvest moon.

The weather may make it impossible to have the reception outside but if it is possible to hire a location that looks out onto woods then not only will this be an ideal backdrop for the photographs, but will be a beautiful view for the guests to look at as the sun went down.

It will be easy for the people decorating the room as there will plenty of ways to incorporate the autumnal colors into the design. Table clothes and center pieces can be beige or gold while the reds and golds can be included with the use of sprayed dried flowers and petals scattered across the tables. For a bit of fun with the fall wedding decorations there could be a Halloween theme but this will be best confined to pumpkins with candles rather than bring in horror costumes or fake blood.

Fall wedding ideas will be ideal for the food as there are some amazing fall dishes. Turkeys and all the trimmings will make the majority of wedding guests happy and the vegetarians can have a meat replacement and still enjoy corn bread, honey glazed carrots and pumpkin pie.

Even the clothes can have a fall theme as the brides dress can be off white or cream and the bridesmaids can be a deep and rich red. A heavy material will be suitable as the evening could get cold and they will be glad to be wearing velvet or brocade.

The Favors can be fudge rather than almonds or bottles of maple syrup and for the children candy apples on a stick

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