Fantasy Football: Vote No on Vick

A lot of talk has been going around about taking Michael Vick early in the draft. I am here to say – don’t be that person. Nothing against Vick as he was a fantasy monster, putting up career numbers with 3018 yards passing and 676 yards rushing. Throw in 21 passing TDs and another 9 rushing TDs and you have fantasy greatness. We all know about his 51 pt fantasy tally in week 10 against the Redskins. I’m sure many of us got to experience first hand the damage he could bring during some point in the season last year. I wouldn’t expect things to be much different this year, but there are a couple things to consider before being that person that just has to have Michael Vick.

Number 1 – Taking Vick means missing out on this year’s Michael Vick. If you were one of the few that grabbed a stud QB early last year, then chances are when Vick started emerging as a fantasy factor you didn’t pay it much attention. Vick didn’t fly out of the gate with smoking hot numbers. His game 1 stats consisted of just 175 yards passing with just 1 TD. He did have 103 yards rushing but that wasn’t something most people would think he could sustain. Essentially, those who entertained the idea of picking up Vick were those who took the QBs later in the draft. Lucky = them. If you decide to take Vick you are taking yourself out of the running of grabbing the next Micheal Vick.

Number 2 – Taking Vick means passing on a great RB. There are a slew of outstanding running backs available in the first 6 picks of the draft. Adrian Peterson, Arian Foster, Chris Johnson, Jamaal Charles, Ray Rice, and Michael Turner just to name a few. This list actually goes longer, but the point is the same – you should have a solid RB1 if you pass on Vick in the first round. Everyone wants to be the person to take the next Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees, but we’ve seen how successful those have been who have taken Matt Schaub and Phillip Rivers (or Michael Vick in the case of 2010) in seasons past.

Number 3 – Taking Vick could me the absence of a QB. Vick owners had to deal with 4 games in which they had to fill in another QB. We all know he is going to run and that he comes with a huge injury risk. If those absences don’t come at critical times in the fantasy season, then you might be okay but who knows when that is going to be? Or for how long? The bad thing is that Vick owners aren’t going to be looking for other quality QBs in the draft and will more than likely have a less than stellar replacement.

People that live by the Vick must be prepared to die by him. It’s a risky move and not one I’d be willing to make. Don’t fall victim to those flashy numbers than any given week could bring you. Let someone else snag up Vick while you start building your fantasy team correctly.

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