‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’ – One Movie Can Make a Difference

At the insistence of my friend John, I watched this movie about juicing; “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.” I had tried juicing years ago at John’s encouragement, and I just was not that into it. I also was not a hundred and forty pounds overweight then either.

So, weighing in at 336 pounds, I was desperate for some form of relief. Doctors can describe me with two words: Morbidly obese. Chris Farley would describe it as “I have what Doctors call a little bit of a weight problem.” I would use that line and try and laugh it off. However, my weight was destroying my life in multiple ways.

I had met a wonderful woman and we had struck up a friendship based on mutual interests. I wanted to move the friendship to the next level, and when I approached her with this endeavor, her comment to me was “I have never dated anyone as big as you.” I never knew words could hurt so badly, but it was more than words that would hurt.

My body was rebelling from the extra weight. My joints would ache, I am developing chronic discomfort, and certain body parts were not functioning as intended. My body was beginning an accelerating decline in functionality. Things were going to get much worse, very quickly.

When we look into a mirror, we see ourselves with rose colored glasses. We see ourselves from a one dimensional perspective. And, we can easily convince ourselves that our weight problem is not as bad off as we may think it is. My lady friend was not being conceited; she was telling me what I needed to hear; only I had been ignoring it for years. I had convinced myself there was nothing wrong with me. And, I continued to ignore the warnings and continued to eat myself into an early grave.

To placate John, I watched the film “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” approaching it with extreme skepticism. However, my skepticism quickly melted away as I saw the results of the two central characters and I felt like I had found enlightenment. I jumped into juicing the next day, focusing on a one or two day juicing regiment. I have not gone as hardcore as they have in the film, and as such my results have not been as dramatic. However, the results that I have had are very encouraging.

Weight Loss – 13 Pounds

When I focus on two juices a day and a very light lunch, I find I can lose about a pound every 2 days. I have already begun buying new clothes and there is nothing like a new set of clothes to put some pep in your step! Hardcore juicers are reporting much more aggressive results!

Sleeping Better

Perhaps one of best results so far is my sleep. I now sleep soundly and wake afresh and have energy to tackle the day. This is completely different than before, when I would awake and feel more tired than when I had gone to bed. Apparently, other juicers are reporting the same thing and this is attributed to the body detoxing itself.


I am very lethargic. Sadly, I would much rather watch a movie than walk, but this is because I am moving around this massive bulk. Since I started juicing, my energy level has spiked, I am flying through my graduate work, I am writing many articles for Associated Content and am participating in a 5K this weekend. My first ever!

Changing Taste Buds

Perhaps the most unexpected result has been a lack of cravings for food. In fact, when I splurge and have something sweet, I find I no longer have a taste for it. I am craving fruits and vegetables now. Processed and fried food has developed a bitter taste and is no longer enjoyable to me. For a snack, I focus on fruit or as a splurge, I have some granola and Greek yogurt.

Saving Money

Juicing can be very affordable and by buying the right fruits and vegetables at the right seasons, you can spend very little money for a very healthy meal. Plus, your fruits and vegetables are an instant snack whenever you’re hungry.

“Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” is developing a cult following on Facebook. With over 55,000 fans and growing, this lifestyle change seems to be working for these folks. If you’re at all interested in your health, and like me struggling with keeping your weight under control, I encourage you to watch this documentary.

I found “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” has made a wonderful difference in my life and I guarantee you it will do the same for you.

Watch for other articles about this topic as I update my progress here!

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