Favorite Cat Memories From Cat Lovers

I often hear people describe themselves as a “cat person” or a “dog person,” meaning they prefer one over the other as a pet. Looking at it this way I am a dog person. I love all animals, cats included, but I’ve never understood why someone would want a cat as a pet. In order to try to understand why cat lovers love their cats, I decided to ask a few people to share their favorite cat memories. Here are some of the memories cat lovers shared with me.

“One day my cat Mr. Twister was out in the backyard with me, and while I was raking leaves he began acting strangely. He jumped at me as if he was going to attack me. He was always playful like most cats, but would never “attacked” his family. He did it over and over and it was really odd. Eventually, it made me take several steps back for fear of being scratched, and once I backed up, he turned around and pounced on something behind him. It was the longest garden snake I had ever seen. Mr. Twister wrestled with the snake for a few minutes, then the thing quickly slithered off (still makes me shudder). Twister chased it a bit, but then seemed satisfied and returned to me, rubbing up against me.” Susan, Alabama

“I had this cat named Pork Chop. He was the worst hunter of all time and had to live with Rascal, who was queen of the huntresses. She was always catching things and he couldn’t get anything, it totally gave him a complex. One day I heard thumping on the deck, and went to see what it was. It was Mr. Pork Chop tossing a dead heron around. He was making a big show of it. “Look what I caught!” Like I’m believed a cat, particularly this cat, could kill a huge heron. I knew he went to the beach, happened upon a very large dead bird, brought it home, pulled it up a full set of stairs just to show off to his people.” Heather, British Columbia

“My cat Chester was always on the hunt for his cat food, so we constantly had to hide it in new places. We finally put it in the top cabinets because we figured, how the would he get up there? And even if he could get above them, he can’t open them. Yeah right! He learned how to get on top of the cabinets, lean over the edge, use his paws to pull the doors open, and then he’d push all of cereal out looking for his food. We would wake in the mornings to cereal spilled all over the floor.” Jill, New Jersey

“When I was a kid we had a cat named Tigger. Tigger was an indoor cat that preferred to be an indoor/outdoor cat. She did her business outside and would go out to hunt. One day, my brother is lying on the floor in the family room watching TV, and he absentmindedly picked up a string that was lying on the floor, presumably one of Tigger’s toys since this cat loved a good piece of string, and begin twirling it while watching TV. He suddenly caught sight of something on the floor and then looked down at what it was he had been twirling. It turns out that Tigger, like all good cats, had lovingly brought a prize from her latest hunting trip for the family to share. A rat. He had been twirling the tail.” Carrie, New York

While I will always be a dog person, I can certainly see why cat people love their cats. It seems those little critters aren’t just pretty faces, they are rambunctious, adventure seeking, fur-balls that are full of spunk. Life is all about the memories that you make, and cat lovers sure make a ton of wonderful memories with their fur-babies.

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