Female Discriminated, Sent to Back of Broklyn Bus

Mellissa Franchy boarded B110 bus which runs between Willamsburg and Borough Park in Broklyn, NY.
Initially she was allowed to sit wherever she wanted to. However, according to the New York World, later when Hasidic men boarded the bus enroute, they told Franchy to move to the back of the bus.

The Daily Intel said “On any other bus such a request might have resulted in an uproar, an angry confrontation.”
So why did this incident pann out differently?

B110 is a private bus owned and operated by Orthodox and Hasidic Jews. It is a venue for mass transit which allows Hasidics to observe their own customs and laws without expecting anything from tax payers or non jews. The rules on the bus are designed to keep men and women from coming in contact with each other, which is forbidden, according to their faith.

However, although B110 it is a private bus company, and was awarded a contract with the New York City Transportation Department to exclusively service a specific line, they still have to follow city guidelines with respect to race and gender equality.

The Department of Transportation is looking into the incident as of now, reports the World.

Since this incident, other complaints against the Hasidic community have surfaced in New York. According to local residents, NYPD is giving too much priority to the Hasidics over other residents.

Among other complaints, Hasidics do not allow cars parked on their neighborhood if they don’t belong there, even on public parking sections.
They tend to harass women travelling on bikes in their neighborhood too.

Since this bus incident, many New York residents have been posting public email comments showing their distaste.
A rather popular posting from the Bible is as follows:
Galations 3:28 “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”


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