Festive Nail Polish Ideas for Halloween!

Black nails on Halloween is so, well…yawn. Come on, it’s time to get creepy crawly or at least a little funky- it’s Hallween, y’all, and you can paint your nails to reflect your Halloween spirit! Here are a few nail polish ideas for Halloween.

Paint your nails white and add a black dot in the middle, then draw red squiggly lines coming out of them. Creepy eyeballs for Halloween is so much fun! Or, if you aren’t that artistic, then paint your nails white and add 3 dots, 2 side by side, and one underneath- you have now painted your nails to look like a ghost!

Paint your nails green and paint a yellow football shape in the center to look like evil cat eyes or witch eyes as well. Or, paint your nails green with red tips and yellow glitter- it has that creepy (but still sexy) vampire look as if you had just dug your rotting claws into some human flesh.

Candy corn colors are great- paint your nails to resemble the classic yellow, orange, and white colors of the most popular (albeit disgusting) Halloween candies! Or, you can take candy bar wrappers, cut them into the shape of your fingernails, and glue them to your nails for a festive (and strange) Halloween look- the fake candy wrapper fingernails come off with regular polish.

Paint your nails silver and use a black polish pen (or a Sharpie) to write RIP on your nails, adding a squiggly along an edge or 2 for a crack. You have now turned your fingernails into headstones. Tiny ‘m’s added to the fingernails can resemble little bats. You don’t have to be an artist to paint your nails.

Leave your nails unpainted but for bright red, shiny tips. Your nails will look as if you had just dug your hands into somebody’s flesh. Or, just do black tips, or green tips. You can do this by placing a piece of clear tape over the rest of your nail, leaving your tips exposed, to create a painting guide.

Make spiders on your fingernails by painting a circle then adding little upside-down u’s on either side of the circle, 4 on each side. Do these in varying colors, like black, green, brown, etc. You can add little white fangs to your creepy little spiders. Speaking of fangs…

Paint a simple smiley face on your fingernails, adding tiny white fangs so you have little vampires on your fingernails. A drop of red under the fang indicates blood. Make the eyeballs red as well, to make them creepier. Use your creative energy to paint your nails for Halloween- after all, it doesnt’ take much to get into that Halloween spirit! Even an orange fingernail with a little black face is a super fun way to capture that Halloween spirit!


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