Fields of Grace

Fields of Grace
As I approach the fields of grace
Let me note that it is not your
typical place
Nothing fancy
Not filled with lace
But rather a place of
Where you can come face to face
with your dreams
realities and maybe even your nightmares
because one must remember letting these
things build up inside our systems will come back
to haunt us.
It is a wide open space where goals
can be determined
dreams are concocted
and reality comes to fruition
The sun shines across the field
bringing its warmth and generosity
As I begin to relax on the bright green grass
I relax and feel my body begin to set itself free
letting go of the stress and the tension
only to focus on living
and moving forward
A place of progression and healing
brings about a good feeling
I feel the grace lift me up and
put me back into place
in the field of grace

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