Final Fantasy X

The story is about a boy named Tidus, a blitzball star, and his journey to reveal his past and present hardships, and also his future meaning. His home city is Zanerkind, and he is said to be born of sin.

As Tidus tries to fight his way home, Auron, a friend of Tidus’ dad shows up and pulls him into the distat future. THis begins Tidus’s journey of making friends and enemies along the way.

Tidus meets Waka, Lulu, Kimali, Riku, and Yuna along the way. All of these people are Yuna’s body guards. yuna ends up asking Tidus if he will join them because she feels some sort of connection. Yuna’s journey is a pilgramage to collect all of the Aeons in order to defeat and rid the world of sin. The Aeons are the summons you find in every final fantasy game.

The game still uses all of your potions and elixers that you would normally see in the Final Fantasy series. You can change weapons and even upgrade weapons using Riku to synthesize them. This Final Fantasy used a unique leveling grid. ou use keys and certain oints you get from drops from mobs to level up your atributes with. This grid is also where you earn new skills for your characters. There are also plenty of puzzles throughout the game to keep your mind busy and make the game even more fun.

Final Fantasy X has a beautiful landsape and keeps you intersted. It has a wonderful soundtrack as well. The grapics are amazing and for this alone it is worthy of being one of the best final fantasy games.

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