Finding ‘Real Love’ in Modern Days with Elpis

After her first single “Probably” released in 2008, Elpis was looking forward to write something different that could mark her unique style even more in the music industry.

According to many studies word wide, like the one of RAND Corporation, music has a huge impact on adolescents today making lyrics the main message immediately after the instrumental part.

Since young listeners say that they listen songs because they like the instrumental part, Elpis tries to make cool beats with family friendly lyrics that can bring hope and peace, and the same time creating a need of research and curiosity among the youth.

Her four songs from the album “Real Love” using messages of hope from the Bible and also using some modern theories such as the evolution theory and alien life forms, will have a huge impact in clubs and disco bars world wide.

Elpis tries to get her style out from the crowd with club music without explicit lyrics and to make the impossible in the music industry today. Music and lyrics were accurately studied and composed with Daniel Macovei the founder of Xylote website, and three of her songs feature some awesome rap vocals with Black Elway.

Despite the huge success of famous artists like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Britney Spears and many others that are trying to use more and more transgression in their songs, Elpis found a new way to bring joy and hope through her music.

Many criticized the lyrics as being too “out of the box” for that genre of music, but with the spirit of her songs, Elpis thinks that she can really switch on the light in the hearth of listeners from all over the world and make them search the beauty of life on earth today as never before. Many positive reviews from dj’s and radios on world wide encouraged Elpis to go on and write four inspiring songs with house, progressive house, rnb and modern pop influences.

Her album “Real Love” contains five tracks, including one remix, and it will be available for digital download on BeatPort, iTunes, Amazon, Napster and Rhapsody from late August, 2011.

For more detailed information about Elpis and her latest album, visit her official website, or join her on Facebook and Twitter. # # #www

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