Finding Your Exact Career Match

“Those capable of the greatest art would not waste their talents in a vain struggle to be king of the hill, but would release the gifts they hold deep within their souls.”

—Laurence Boldt

Whenever I hear someone talk about releasing the gifts they have deep within their souls,making a mark on the world by being unique, and finding a niche in life that is unparalleled, I always think about “The Banana Condom Guy.” This was a man who was so passionate about his job, he went from being an unemployed shoe salesman to someone who was able to share his unique talents with hundreds of thousands of college and high school students.

The Ten Traits of the Soul

The Banana Condom Guy never cared about being the best teacher or about climbing any ladders within the university or school district, he just wanted to teach. But it was through his teaching that he released the gifts of his soul:

1. A dynamic personality;

2. A tireless commitment;

3. A sincere passion for his work;

4. A will-do attitude;

5. A positive outlook on life;

6. A desire to save the world;

7. Magnetic charisma;

8. An uncanny ability to encourage others to follow his lead;

9. A great sense of humor;

10. A role model for a better way of living.

And, I almost forgot, he had a unique talent which was his signature trademark: he was able to place a condom on a banana. Big deal, everyone can do that, right? Well, he did it with his mouth. And, did I mention that he was able to do it in less than 10 seconds? It was a circus act, there’s no doubt about it, but he would have students lined up out the door just so they could see him work his ‘magic.’ He was hired to speak at all sorts of student functions….ranging from graduation ceremonies to church outings and he was in demand all up and down the west coast.

His Soul Carved-Out a Unique Niche

True, The Banana Condom Guy was an oddity and a curiosity—people just wanted to see him do his banana peep show— but he did have a message about safe sex and about staying in school. Most importantly, he found his niche in life. He was able to tap into the gifts of his soul and was able to make a nice life for himself. When I asked him what he would be doing with his life if he didn’t have the Banana Act, he said, “You know……I’d probably be stocking shelves in Walmart. I really don’t have a passion for anything other than safe sex education, and I certainly don’t have any necessary or usable skills. I’m just a one trick pony!”

Make Your Career Your Soul Mate

If you’re feeling down because you’re not sure if you have any skills that anyone would want to hire you for, try to identify the passions that are deep within your soul. If you can release those emotions, you’ll find skills you never knew you had. You’ll also find out that what might seem like a mundane skill to you can actually be quite interesting to others if you envelop it with your heartfelt passion. Don’t try to be the best at everything you do, just be the most passionate. And you can only be passionate if you’re following your heart.

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