Fingernails: From Bitten to Beautiful

Nail biting is a habit that is often embarrassing and unsanitary. However, having an addiction to biting one’s nails can be a difficult habit to break as fingernails are readily available at all times. Replacing this compulsive habit with the use of these products can not only stop nail biting, but will have your nails looking enviably gorgeous.

Ms. Manicure Marvelous Minis Nail Grooming Set: Grooming sets for nail biting? Yes. Having this adorable mini grooming kit always at hand will help you obsess about grooming instead of biting. Clip hangnails before they become a temptation. Filing the uneven nail edges, no matter how short they are, lets you play with your nails without biting.

Sally Hanson Nail Growth Plus: Many years ago, it was popular to put a foul tasting product on nails until nail biters realized that they could just wash or quickly lick the stuff off. Sally Hanson makes this great product for quick nail growth. They offer a plethora of natural colors such as tans, whites and pinks while nails are still growing. Instead of biting, a session of removing and applying a new coat each night is a great way to relieve stress.

The best part is that you will quickly bring about the visual reward of better looking nails in a few short weeks. Be aware that nail biting weakens the strength of nails and may make them susceptible to chipping and breaking for several months which may tempt you to start biting again. Once your nails have grown to full length, continue using the Nail Growth line from Sally Hansen with its many colored versions if you have been a nail biter for more than a year.

Kiss Nail Kit: If you can’t wait for the two to three weeks it takes for your natural nails to grow back, get the instant fix with these nails. Press on fails fall off too easily. Acrylic nails are very expensive and they destroy your real nails. If you ever stop doing acrylic nails, you may go right back to nail biting because your real nail will be in such bad shape. The best compromise is glue on nails. Kiss brand nail kits are inexpensive and easy to work with.

It may take a couple of tries to find the right nail shape for your nail beds. You may need small, sporty length, wide, or you may go right for the evening length. Fake nails need just as much obsessive upkeep as real nails while they allow your own nail to grow. They can be painted and they do come off with a little coaxing after a few days. Keep the little bottle of glue in your purse in case you knock one off since you may not be used to having such fabulous length yet.

The caring of nails instead of biting them is a great way to build your self-esteem. Instead of being embarrassed by your nails, you can be proud of them within a few weeks. Remember to use nail polish removers that do not dry out the nail. Also, be sure to continue to use a nail growth or nail strengthener polish as a base coat before adding a color coat as some brands may dry the nail. Don’t bite your nails. Obsess about beautiful nails.

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