First Day of School

First day of school,
you know the rule,
summer is over it is,
and it’s time get serious.

Mom will walk you to the bus,
kiss your cheek without any fuss.
Hop on and say hi to everyone
while mommy waves to them.

The bus pulls away a continues its run,
and mom smiles a bit and turns towards home;
with a skip in her mood and step
she knows the house is hers again.

It’s the first day of school by gosh.
and parents rejoice and laugh and josh.
For parents it means some needed time off
from summer and fights and the kids trough.

It is, my dears, finally the first day of school,
and please, I know you know the rule,
summer hours and schedules are over they are,
and it’s really time to become an academic star!

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