Five Great Handmade Christmas Gifts that Children Can Make!

Christmas is a great time to teach your children about generosity and kindness. Giving gifts to the people that we love during the holiday season lets them know that someone is thinking of them and that someone cares about them. There is no need to buy expensive gifts for your children to hand out to the people on their list of loved ones. Teach them some of these great techniques to make beautiful gifts from the heart. Giving handcrafted gifts is a way to let someone know that they hold a special place in your heart.

As with most activities, please make sure to supervise your children during the creating process. Join them in making gifts to create long lasting memories.

Candles – made with wax sheets and cookie cutters are a great Christmas gift that children can make for Aunts, Grandmas, Teachers and moms. Use Christmas themed cookies to make beautiful candles! Have your child bundle them or wrap them individually and add a bow and handwritten note to finish.

Beaded Wreath -This beaded wreath would make a great gift for anyone, each Christmas as the unpack their ornaments they will think of your child when they come upon this wreath. This cute wreath would be great with a little note attached stating that it represents the circle of friendship.

Stretchy Beaded Rings This is another idea that would be great for any of the women that may be on your child’s Christmas list. These rings turn out so pretty that it will be hard to believe that they were made by children. Customize them with peoples favorite colors.

Customized Child Art Magnets with some adhesive magnet strips and some of your child’s drawings she can make sets of magnets to hand out for Christmas gifts. These are a great way for your child to show pride in his art work and it is important for you to encourage him!

Small Treasure Boxes – Using small boxes found at craft stores and some paint your child can create beautiful trinket boxes to give as a Christmas gift. This is a great Christmas gift for kids to make. Help them to customize each box by adding small candy treats in them!

Whatever it is that your child chooses to make as Christmas gifts, make sure that they have pride in their creation, make sure to brag on the beautiful job they did and even to assist them along the way. Show them how to fix anything they view as a mistake, but don’t point out anything that you notice. I believe that encouraging children when they make handmade gifts will encourage them to continue this as a tradition. Creating handmade Christmas gifts is to take time from your own busy life to focus your time on making a gift for someone that you love, people realize this and they are so grateful for beautiful handmade Christmas gifts.

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