Five Rainy Day Ideas

Rainy days easily give anyone a bad case of the dull drums. A few classic ideas to beat the rainy day blues are creating an egg carton garden, pulling out an art set and drawing or painting, putting on a puppet show, cuddling up to a book, or playing card games.

First find some old socks, buttons, patches of fabric, and yarn; then sew together some sock puppets. Next use a curtain rod and adorn with old sheets. Putting the curtain rod in between a doorway will create an instant stage.

Got a dusty box of art supplies? Rainy days are perfect to engage in a finger painting session! Compliment the art session with glue, felt, crayons, markers, and glitter.

Collect blankets, flashlights, pillows, and their favorite books. Cuddle up with your kids underneath the covers to read out loud with them.

Recycle a egg carton to make a window garden. First cut the carton in half. Then let them decorate the outside. Fill with soil and seeds, gently water and leave in the window sill for a sunny day.

Further pass the time by using a deck of cards. Build a card house, play Rummy, Go Fish, or Crazy 8’s to help the day fly by.

Creatively pass by a rainy day by drawing or painting, sewing a puppet, reading a book, playing cards, or giving life in an egg carton garden for the window sill!

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