Five Recycled Materials Great for Packing Gifts

If you are trying to “go green” or be environmentally considerate, a great way to start is during the holiday season. Many of us send gifts to friends and relatives that don’t live close by. When you send a gift, you obviously want it to arrive safely. Below find five great, environmentally friendly ways to send your gifts for the holiday season or any time of year.

We obviously need a container to send our gifts in, and most of us use boxes. Instead of buying them, however, try going to a big warehouse store. Most of these stores, like COSTCO or BJ’s, have boxes they keep around for customers to re-use. And they are free.

Toilet Paper Rolls
In our house, those cute, little cylinders found inside of our toilet paper get a lot of use. We use them for crafts such as making binoculars or Thanksgivng turkeys. Toilet paper rolls are also great for packing. The air inside provides the cushioning, and the cardboard protects the gift.

Egg Cartons
Egg cartons are also a great way to pack your gifts. Line the box with them, hole side down (so the bottom of the egg carton is what you place your gift on). You can double up if you need, and place your items on top. If your gift is weighty or very fragile, you can always add an old rag or something similar (see below).

Whether it be an old towel, t-shirt, dish rag or blanket, these are also perfect for cushioning a gift, especially a breakable one, in a box. Roll the cloth loosely or ball them up for added protection.

Old Papers
Most of us recycle all of our old papers – newspapers, magazines, letters, bills – and a lot of the time we shred them for safety. You can use these shredded papers as solid packing material. Shredded paper is great for layering and protection inside of a box that will be shipped.

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