Five Silly Things to Do with Kids on Thanksgiving

What happens in your home on the most famous Thursday of every year? A whole lot of stuffing and nothing much else? Thanksgiving isn’t just about scarfing down buckets of tasty food. If you have kids in the house, you can make it a bit more exciting. There are tons of silly things you can do with your kids on this day of thanks.

1. Dress up like pilgrims and/or native Americans. Why not have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and dress for it? Kids can put on a skit or play about the first Thanksgiving. Grown-ups should dress up too. Why should kids have all the fun? Halloween isn’t the only holiday suitable for costumes. Dress up for Thanksgiving. Share some grins and giggles with your kids.

2. Play the manners game, with a twist. Teaching manners doesn’t have to be boring. Show kids how to set the table. Have contests and manners games. Whoever forgets their manners has to say gobble gobble three times and walk like a turkey around the kids table. Including adults in this game makes it even sillier. Plus, kids get to call Mom and Dad on their bad manners for a change.

3. Sit at the kids table. Draw names to see which adult has to sit with the kids. Or, have the kids vote. Kids will laugh at how silly you look in that little chair. Spend the whole meal acting like a kid. The best thing about this activity is it brings back memories of sitting at the kiddie table as a child. Plus the kids think it’s great to have adults relating to them from their own point of view.

4. How about a talent show alternative? Put on a talentless show. Worst act or the one that gets the most laughs wins. There’s no pressure to perform with this fun activity. It’s easy to give a bad performance. Kids don’t even have to prepare. They can just make it up as they go along. The Improv has nothing on this silly Thanksgiving activity.

5. Answer all their questions. In this zany Thanksgiving after dinner game, adults must answer all questions drawn from a hat and asked by kids. You can make the questions silly or serious. Kids learn more about Grandma and Grandpa. Grown-ups get to share childhood memories. Everyone has a fantastic holiday. It’s a win win activity.

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