Five Ways Families Can Celebrate Thanksgiving

Families can choose among outdoor events, holiday crafts, historic Thanksgiving traditions and charitable events in New Jersey this November. Here are five ways to celebrate Turkey Day:

1. Create and Honor Family Traditions
Whether you are just starting your family or you’re a Thanksgiving celebration veteran, traditions can be a great way to foster wonderful holiday memories. It could be something simple such as asking each family member to share something they’re thankful for – before diving into the turkey dinner. You could remember the holiday by taking a family photo each Thanksgiving (tip: do it before dinner when everyone’s clothes will still be clean!). As you look through the family album each year it will be interesting to note how children have grown each holiday. Your family traditions should come naturally and hopefully will conjure fond memories. If you are a younger family, try thinking back to your childhood Thanksgiving celebrations for some inspiration.

2. Family Events
Attending a family event each year could become your holiday tradition. Celebrate Thanksgiving with a local family event.

3. Support Charities
Get the whole family involved in charity for the holidays. There are many ways for New Jerseyans to help needy children and families, especially during the holiday season. Many non-profit organizations host special events around the holidays to raise awareness and donations.

4. Craftacular Thanksgiving

Some local libraries host craft events for children in honor of Thanksgiving.

For some at-home creativity, there are some great websites for kids to make turkeys and enjoy other Thanksgiving crafts and activities. has Thanksgiving crafts for various ages. Nick Jr. has special sections for Thanksgiving and the fall for kids to enjoy.

5. Learn more about Thanksgiving
Families also can get into the holiday spirit with some great Thanksgiving books. Books also can be a great way to introduce young kids to the concepts of giving and being thankful and, of course, there are some wonderful children’s books that take a lighthearted look at Thanksgiving.

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