Five Ways to Celebrate Frankenstein Day

August 30 is Frankenstein Day. It was established in order to honor Mary Wollenstone Shelley, who created Frankenstein when she wrote the novel, “Frankenstein” at the age of 21. Shelley was born on August 3, 1797. This day is sometimes confused with “Frankenstein Friday.” They are not the same day, although they have the same type of idea. Frankenstein Friday takes place on the last Friday of October and happens on or around Halloween so it fits in with the scary theme of things. Here are five ways to celebrate Frankenstein Day. These ideas can also be used to celebrate Frankenstein Friday.

Read “Frankenstein”

If you have never read Shelley’s novel, “Frankenstein,” take today as a time to read the novel. If possible, put aside all work and read the novel. Even if you have read the novel, read it again or at least read parts of it. Tell random people trivia about “Frankenstein” like the monster is not Frankenstein. Frankenstein is the name of the doctor and the monster is simply known as Frankenstein’s monster.

Watch Frankenstein

If you never watched the movie, Frankenstein , today is a perfect day to watch the movie. It won’t take too long. It will definitely be an enjoyable day if you watch the movie at a time when you feel like being scared.

Watch the Bride of Frankenstein

If you’ve seen the movie, Frankenstein , or don’t feel like watching it, another movie you can watch is Bride of Frankenstein . Again, you should watch this movie when you feel like being scared.

Watch Young Frankenstein

While the movies Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein may not be on par with scary movies made today, if you don’t like scary movies, you can always watch the movie Young Frankenstein . This movie is a laugh a minute flick that spoofs the movie Frankenstein .

Have a Frankenstein Pub Crawl

One of the best ways to celebrate Frankenstein Day is to dress up as Frankenstein and have others dress up as Frankenstein. Then, as a group, go to different bars. This is a Frankenstein Pub Crawl. Minors can get on in the action by having a Frankenstein Restaurant Crawl. They can dress up as Frankenstein and get soda at different restaurants.


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