Five Ways to Celebrate National Marshmallow Toasting Day

August 30 is National Marshmallow Toasting Day. The origin of the holiday is not known. However, it is thought that it may have been created because August is the end of summer. Many students go back to school in August or September and because there are a lack of holidays in August, so a simply holiday was created. Here are five ways to celebrate National Marshmallow Toasting Day.

Toast Marshmallows Over a Campfire

Toasting marshmallows over a campfire is easy. All that is needed is a long wooden stick or a metal skewer. If using a stick, make sure to “clean” it first by burning the end in the campfire. It can then be held from the other end and cooled. After it cools, stick a marshmallow on the burnt end and put the marshmallow over the fire. Keep it there until the marshmallow reaches the desired amount of brownness. Let the marshmallow cool enough for you and eat it.

Toast Marshmallows from the Inside

Toasting marshmallows from the inside is easy, too. Make sure that your fire place is clean so the marshmallows can be set on a metal part of the fireplace. Heat a skewer in the fireplace so it is hot, but not so hot that it is red. Take the skewer and cut the marshmallow in half or in fourths by using the hot skewer. The marshmallow will toast where it was cut.

Toast Marshmallows Indoors

Toasting marshmallows indoors is also an easy task. Preheat your oven to 350F. Line a cookie tray with foil. Arrange the marshmallows on the foil. Put the tray in the oven and stay by the oven as they will roast quickly. If you can see inside with a light in the oven, watch them and take them out when the desired amount of brownness can be seen. If you can’t see through the oven door, check on them every few seconds, otherwise they will make a melted mess on the foil and maybe in the oven.

Make Smores

If you toasted marshmallows in any of the previous ways, you can make smores as long as you have the ingredients. The only other things needed are graham crackers and chocolate. Place a piece of chocolate on a graham cracker. Top the piece of chocolate with a warm toasted marshmallow. Top the marshmallow with another graham cracker.

Toast Marshmallows Over Lava

If you happen to be able to visit an active volcano to see the lava flows, be sure to bring some marshmallows. This way you can toast marshmallows over the lava. Videos of people toasting marshmallows over Mount Pacaya in Guatemala can be found on the Internet.


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