Fix Angry Birds Crashes on Windows 7, Vista and XP

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games on the internet. Lots of users have made complaint that the game crashes when they are trying to run it or when they are playing it. Let us discuss a few solutions that worked for many users.

Update Graphics Driver and Fulfil Minimum System Requirements

Angry Birds crashes were seen on machines where the graphics driver was outdated. Only updating your graphics driver is not sufficient. You have to ensure that your computer does have all the hardware and software installed which are required for smooth running of this game.

1. Close the game. 2. Insert Angry Birds installation DVD ROM. 3. Open My Computer, double click your DVD ROM Drive. 4. Double click ReadMe.txt and refer the Minimum System Requirements or similar section. Accordingly, add new hardware or install new software.

Enable Silent/ Gaming Mode for your Antivirus Protection

Conflicts with your antivirus protection can make Angry Birds start crashing. Enable the silent/ gaming mode offered by your antivirus protection, and re-start the game for fixing the issue.

1. Click the Show Hidden Icons arrow on your System Tray. 2. Right click your antivirus protection icon, and select Silent/ Gaming Mode.

Repair the Registry Settings and Dead References

Angry Birds crashes because of the bad registry state and dead references that it contains. Close the game, download Reginout Registry Cleaner and start a full registry scan. If any errors are found, repair them immediately.

Why manual registry modification is not recommended?

I do not recommend you modifying the registry your own because:

1. Registry is a highly sensitive area (scientifically called, database) in your computer system.

2. If anything goes wrong while modifying the registry your own, it could make your system instable and your system may start crashing or showing errors & BSOD

3. Not all readers are computer experts. Not all the readers have knowledge of finding errors from the registry and modifying it properly.

4. A registry cleaner is comparatively safe as it is a computerize application.

Restore Original System Files

In order to repair Angry Birds crash, restore the original versions of your operating system file. To do so, insert Windows installation DVD ROM, click Start | Run. Type SFC /ScanNow and press ENTER.


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