Fix Slow Bootup of Your PC

Slow startup is one of the common problems that almost all computer users have to face. There are many factors that could lead to slow bootup. For example, excessive auto-starting services and applications, corrupt or damaged user profile data, poorly written device driver, bios settings, hard drive disk fragments, lack of memory, virus and spyware, etc all can cause this problem. Luckily, you can correct the problem fairly easily in most cases.

Check out the memory of your computer
Anything less than 1 gigabyte of RAM is barely enough these days. If you have less you should upgrade to at least 1 Gigabyte of RAM and 2 or more gigabytes would be better. Same applies to your hard drive. If you download a lot of stuff you should have a big hard drive. A minimum of 100 gigabytes is needed these days.

Disable unnecessary auto-starting services and applications
This is the usual culprit for bootup performance problems. All of these applications and applications are executed when windows starts. Too many services starting on bootup will slow your computer down. In Windows XP you can use “msconfig” to significantly reduce startup items.

Defragment your hard drive regularly
You should defragment your hard drive regularly to keep things running fast and smoothly. When pieces of programs are scattered throughout the hard drive the bootup is slowed down as it attempts to find the many pieces of a program. All the pieces of a program should be together on the hard drive and defragmenting accomplishes this.

Uninstalling suspected hardware
Poorly written device drivers can slow down system loading time considerably. If you think this may be the case try uninstalling suspected hardware from your computer.

Run antispyware or anti-virus program
Regular use of an antispyware program will eliminate spyware which has been installed on your machine by someone unknown. Adaware and Spybot are free programs which you can download. Your computer resources are used up by spyware as it goes about its dirty business. Take it out and speed up your machine.

Maintain windows registry
All Windows PCs will slow down over a period of time. The computer registry gradually becomes choked with excess material. This greatly slows down the operating system as it tries to locate the data it needs to run your computer. The solution is to remove all the unwanted data from the registry and clean it up.

If you are one of those poor people that suffer from Windows slow startup (whether windows xp slow startup or not), do not worry. Following those advices, you will fix slow startup instantly.

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