Flattering Coat Suggestions, No Matter What Body Shape You May Have

Yes, it is coat season. It is time to decide what coat will look good with what outfit, what coat will keep us warm and what coat will actually fit our style and body shape. Is this the time of the season that you dread, not because of the cooler climate, but because you have no idea what to choose?

When it comes to choosing a coat, many women are clueless. Many women will just pick the one that is the easiest to throw on and will take it off, as soon as she can. Some women may even decide to forgo the coat and freeze when the temperatures start to lower. However, there are some basic suggestions that can help every woman look great in a coat. Here are a few of those suggestions.

Busty women:

Yes, you would assume that if you are busty you would want everyone to look in that direction. But after a while, you may want the attention to turn away from your bust line and to other parts of your body. How can a coat help?

First, you should consider longer coats. These will call attention to your ankles and your feet. This means you can show off those new boots you just bought.

What you definitely want to stay away from are coats that are belted and those with lapels.

Plus Size:

Yes, plus size women can enjoy wearing a coat and staying warm. She may first want to consider a shorter coat, especially while the weather isn’t too cold. As the temperatures start to dip, she may want to look at the coats with some trendy coats and some that has collars, as well as those that fit her a bit neater. The coats that hang on her will actually make her look bigger.

Hour Glassed Shapes:

If you have a hour glassed shapes, you all ready have the curves you need. This means you need a coat that just accentuates you in the right spots. Look for one that is belted or one that has a few buttons.

Pregnant Women:

If you are pregnant, you need to stay warm to help keep you and your baby healthy. Why not dress nicely, in the progress? Consider roomy coats that will work throughout your pregnancy and maybe even a pretty cape.

Yes, it is coat season. This means it may be time to throw away last year’s boring coat and buy one that fits you neater and works with your shape a little better.

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