Flocking to Gifford Fort Drive

It was a chilly Saturday morning and something unusual was about to occur on the usually busy Gifford Fort Drive. Instead of the usual blowing of obnoxiously loud horns or children playing in their front yards all was still. Eerily still, except for the outcry of the wind as it swept through the cherry trees. Suddenly the color of the sky had altered from gray to black in a matter of minutes. It was as if an eclipse was occurring but there was not a moon to be seen. Then a few of them started to descend from the sky. What were the strange birds that appeared? Turkey Buzzards!

Four birds landed in the street, they were walking in sequence. One bird was in the front, the largest one was in the middle with one on its right side and another was following in the rear. From a distance, they appeared to be the size of a two-year-old child: except they had long dark brown wings, a small red head, tiny eyes that resembled stickpin tops and yellow beak. They appeared to be going the house next door, which was not abandoned but the garage door, was open so you knew that meant trouble!

The birds continued towards the garage and did not seem the least bit hesitant of the boxes, brooms and other household supplies that were visible from the outside. Who exactly knew how much more debris lay past the entrance. After the last buzzard entered, they were never seen again. Some say they were became trapped unable to find their way out due to the clutter of debris. Others say they made a nest and only travel out at night. Whatever actually happened we may never know. Occasionally there is the faint sound of squeaking from the garage as people past the house. Nevertheless, no one has ever entered and as for the owners the house, they do not enter it either.

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