Florida’s 48 Delegates May Not Be Winner-take-all After All

As it stands right now, Mitt Romney won the Florida Primary and the 48 winner-take-all delegate prize.

Or did he?

Newt Gingrich is reported to be challenging how the delegates in the Sunshine state are to be doled out.

Originally holding 99 delegates, Florida violated the Republican National Committee’s rules when they moved their contest to January. They violated another rule when they decided to make their event winner-take-all. As a result, the RNC chopped Florida’s delegate count down to 48.

The RNC has a rule in place that forbids winner-take-all contests from occurring before April 1.

Gingrich cannot challenge the delegate issue himself, but a Florida resident eligible to vote in the primary can on his behalf. So a loyal member of his campaign staff in that state will get tasked with the duty of trying to get the state to switch their delegate allotment to a proportional system.

If successful, that means Gingrich and perhaps even Rick Santorum can pick up a few delegates depending on how the proportionality is determined. It could be done by a percentage of the vote, or it could be broken down by how many districts each candidate won outright, respectively. Heck, when the dust settles it could be that things remain unchanged, so the delegate count is up in the air.

The soap opera-like twists and turns of this election cycle are something else….. It’s comical at times, but a distraction from the issues that need more debate.

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