Fly Fishing at Judge Lake

Judge Lake is located off Ledge road in Hinckley, Ohio. This lake is only about two acres, but houses some of the largest fish in the area. Although, most people use spinning rods, the way to get the most out of this lake is to use a fly rod. Depending on what you are fishing for, you may use a variety of flies. Using just a few techniques, and hitting key points at this lake, you will have a great day of fly fishing.

Types of Fish

The species of fish found in Judge Lake are catfish, bluegill, bass, carp, trout, and crappie. Most of this fish however are bluegill and bass. That means fly fishing for them will be easy. Using just a few simple retrieving techniques you will be successful.

Types of Flies

Most of these fish love dry flies, primarily the Adams Fly and Popper’s. Other flies to use include Ants, Hoppers, Copper Johns, and Prince Nymphs. Bass also love gold bead headed Wholly Buggers in black, olive, and white.


Technique is also important here. Since this is still water you must keep your fly constantly moving in order to entice the fish to strike. With dry flies and popper’s you have to keep them moving with a slow and steady retrieval. Keeping your retrieval slow will get you the most bites. With streamers a quick retrieval, with some jerk motions to make it look like a swimming fish is what should be used. For all other flies, cast out let them sit for a few seconds, do a slow retrieval, stop and let them sit again. Continue retrieving and then letting it sit until the fly to all the way back to you.

Fishing spots

There are two docks at Ledge Lake; fishing around these docks is where you will have the best luck finding fish. If you are not having any luck fishing off the docks then try fishing parallel to the shore line. Following these two tips will get you the most bites.

Whether you are spin fishing or fly fishing, Judge Lake is the place to do it at. From bluegill to carp, this lake has all the species of fish you will be looking for. Using simple techniques in the right spots, and a small selection of flies, you will have hours of fun at this lake.

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