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It is time for your annual charity fund-raiser, and if you are pondering as to what kind of event to organize, why not consider something exciting and different from the usual and traditional car washes and bake sales? Why not a gambling extravaganza, provided of course the particular charity you work for approves of the idea. The committee’s approval is very important because, in some cases, especially if it is a religious group or a family-oriented charity, there are chances of them shunning the idea. It is also necessary to contact the local authorities and obtain permission about hosting a casino charity.

The next step of course is to fix a suitable venue for organizing the gambling charity. As a first choice, you could approach the local community hall which you might be able to rent for a discounted rate. One thing to ensure is that there should be adequate space for setting up a few tables for the casino gaming equipment and for the players to move around. The next step would be to find the casino equipment needed. A quick search through the local phone book will provide you with several options. Most of the equipment providers are also registered online, so you could access their websites for all your queries as well. Some of them are willing to provide professionally trained dealers for an authentic feel. You could also hire a croupier.

There is another concept known as an online gambling charity which is actually an online casino site which has associations with some charity or philanthropic activity. Thus, those who play on these sites indirectly contribute to the charity as well. However, even if it is for a good cause, players should exercise some restraint in playing casino games in real time or online. Fact is, these games can be quite addictive, so keep a firm check on the time you indulge in such gaming activities. Gambling addiction, also called compulsive gambling, is known as an impulse-control disorder, which disables the addicted gamblers from being able to exercise any degree of self-restraint, leading to self-destruction and demoralizing your near and dear ones. America has a record number of more than 15 million addicts, out of whom, three million or so is severely affected.

In order to keep to pertaining laws, online casino sites also keep to certain rules and regulations before admitting a member. The main criterion of course is the age- all members have to cross the legal age of 18 and should be capable of opening an online gambling account. The United States law regarding online gambling is not so supportive, and therefore, many online casino sites do not allow American citizens to play on their site. As regards the mode of payment, many would like to use the services of online gambling with American Express, Diners, Visa, or Master Card, but the severe restrictions imposed by UIGEA have to be borne in mind always. They can, however, play for charity purposes.

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