Following Your Passion on Your First Trip to London

I was lucky enough to live in London for 3 and a half months, but if your first visit is much shorter you may find it all rather overwhelming. London’s attractions are varied and plentiful. It’s best to make a plan of what interests you and follow that plan for choosing tours and attractions. Traveling through London without a car is simple, the London subway (underground) is easy to understand and will take you anywhere you want to go.

Interested in history? London has many interesting museums; my favorite is the British Museum, there is also the Science Museum, the Natural History museum or the Victoria and Albert Museum. Another of my favorites that would interest WWII buffs is the Cabinet War Rooms and Churchill Museum, where you can see Winston Churchill’s actual underground war rooms. Don’t forget to visit The Houses of Parliament and nearby, the impressive Westminster Abbey. I would also recommend a visit to The Tower of London, built in the 1080’s, the tower housed many of England’s Monarchs and imprisoned many of London’s famous political prisoners.

Love the royals? Check out Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guard. Also nearby is St. James Palace. Visit to plan your visits to London’s palaces. My favourite, Hampton Court Palace, is a Tudor palace built in1514. Hampton Court is just a 30 minute train ride from London. In July of each year, Hampton Court boasts the Hampton Court Flower Show.

Don’t miss the London Eye, not far from Big Ben, just for fun. Looking for more fun? I’d definitely recommend the London Zoo, located in Regent’s Park. Then spend some time strolling in the park. Not far away, on Marylebone Road, is Madam Tussuads Wax Museum featuring the “A-list” wax celebrities and the Chamber of Horrors.

Visit for everything from accommodations to attractions and tours. Personally, I love a little bit of all these genres. History is a passion of mine and most of the attractions listed have their own historical value. I would recommend London to anyone who wants an exciting and fulfilling vacation. All of these sites can be visited if you plan ahead and have a lot of energy. But if you don’t, pick your favourite and plan your trip around that.

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