Food and Drink on the Go

Finding healthy items to eat and drink when traveling can be difficult given the plethora of fast food restaurants that line the interstates, as well as the limited selection of foods available at many airline, train and bus terminals. Here are a few items you can pack along if you are looking for healthier options to stay refreshed and hydrated when you’re on the go.

Pack along the the Vapur (R) Anti-Bottle (TM) and you’ll always have water to go. This is a foldable, reusable water bottle that you can roll or flatten when empty thus making it easy to fit into your jacket pocket, backpack or purse. But when you fill it up, it will stand upright. This safe and durable bottle is Ultra-durable, BPA-free with Fan DA-approved polyethylene inner-liner that’s odor, taste and stain resistant. Hence this bottle can withstand every day use and regular cleaning. If need be, you can even freeze this bottle, so you can have a cold. Also, once you freeze this bottle, it can be used as an icepack in an emergency to keep your perishables cool. Also, it comes with a carabiner, so you can attach your Anti-Bottle and take it anywhere.

For those times when you need a caffeine fix, consider bringing along a few packages of Dr. Drip Coffee. This portable and classic drip single-serve brewing system will brew a cup of coffee anywhere you can find hot water. Simply perch one of the Dr. Drip packages atop a coffee mug, add water and then voila-a hot cup of freshly brewed cup of coffee. You can now do away with packing instant coffee packages or enduring that dreadful day old coffee that one often finds at a fast food restaurant or a transportation hub. Dr. Dripp comes in four different 100% Arabica bean blends-The Double Daily Remedy (Premium Signature Blend), The Ultimate Pick-me-up (Dark Roasted Sumatra), the Organic Tonic (100% Organic blend), and their Decaf Energizer. Their filter and coffee are recyclable, compostable and biodegradable, so you aren’t leaving behind a pile of garbage after you’re done.

Instead of raiding the vending machines, bring along some healthier fare by bringing along a few selections from Newman’s Own Organics . These certified organic and kosher products include snack size (1.5 oz.) boxes of organic raisins, milk or dark chocolate peanut butter cups, chocolate bars ranging from super dark (70% cocoa) to milk chocolate (34% cocoa), high protein pretzels, licorice twists made with organic sugar in a variety of flavors (black, strawberry, pomegranate, tangerine), dried apricots or apples, and cinnamon graham or vanilla alphabet cookies made with organic wheat flower and organic sugar that come in a resealable bag.

Instead of grabbing a candy bar, get a quick energy buzz with the Bumble Bar . This organic, vegan, gluten free, ethically sourced delicious sesame bar is the perfect natural treat. They come in a range of flavors including peanut, chai with almond, and cherry chocolate. Unlike some other sesame bars, these bars don’t get all sticky should they sit in your bag all day. So you can relish a tasty snack without getting sticky fingers.

For those trips where you’re bringing along a cooler or using your Vapur (R) Anti-Bottle (TM) as a freezer pack, bring along someOrganic Valley Stringles . These part skim low moisture 1 ounce cheese sticks come in a convenient six pack and are available in Cheddar, Colby Jack, and Mozzarella. For a fruit or veggie fix, grab some Earthbound Organic Snacks . Their Carrot Dippers combine crunchy carrots and creamy ranch dip come in packs of three for a quick and healthy snack treat. Also, their crisp and delicious apple slices are available from August through May and come in 2- ounce snack-size bags that are packed 5 to a clam-shell or in 12-ounce family bags.

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