Food Bowls You and Your Dog Will Love

If you’re looking for high couture in pet food bowls, here’s a list of dishes you won’t want to miss. You can call your favorite furry companion to dine in style with feeding stations to complement any decor.

• Fleur-De-Lis Elevated Pet Feeder

This French-inspired, fancy feeder is both stylish and functional. Two dishwasher-safe ceramic bowls sit high on a sand-cast aluminum stand with rubber-tipped legs to prevent slipping and scratching the floor. Available from Frontgate in different sizes from $130-$200, this item has a high price tag, but it also delivers high style and you won’t have to hide it when guests visit.

• Meshidai Double Pet Feeder

This pet feeder is a sleek, contemporary design that would fit in well in any decor. The almost Zen-like food stand holds two square ceramic bowls – one for food and the other for water – in a dark chocolate wood stand. At $64 from Puplife, it’s good choice to complement your modern family furnishings.

• Anderson Dog Bowl

If you love a nice wood grain, you’ll love these dog bowls. Fashioned in a cylindrical shape, the bowls are made from solid, rich acacia wood for $28 at Puppylicious NYC. If you want to go all out in doggy decor, buy the matching treat canister for $22. Set it on your kitchen counter as a welcome addition to the space.

• Adour Raised Dog Feeder

If your dog is the Adonis of the dog world, this is the feeding dish for him. Elegant Greek styling that look like Roman columns make this item a stand-out for holding a stainless steel dish. It’s available in different sizes starting at $28 at Petsquared.

• Berlin Dog Bowls

These shiny, nickel-plated porcelain dog bowls have a stud design that is both dramatic and chic. Check it out for $55 at Unleashed Life. Add the matching dog biscuit container with a dog bone handle on top and your dog will be begging for food and treats all the time.

• Create Your Own

If the price tags on these dishes aren’t in your budget, you can always create a masterpiece of your own by building a wooden platform with decorative molding. Measure and cut two holes to drop in two stainless steel bowls and you’ll have a feeding station every bit as classy as the others above.

With the right dog dish, your dog can dine like a king or queen. Select one that complements your furnishings and let it be a welcome addition in your decor instead of an eyesore.

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