Foods that Build Your Tooth Enamel for Healthier Teeth

There are tons of foods that actually ruin tooth enamel, acids (such as lemon or soda) being top offenders. Once enamel starts to erode (see Warning Signs of Tooth Enamel Loss ), it’s difficult to impossible to bring it back. However, you can help build healthy tooth enamel by eating certain foods- and healthy tooth enamel means less trips to the dentist! Find out the great (and common) foods you can eat to help build tooth enamel, and therefore boost your overal oral health!

Eat your dairy- just as calcium is good for your bones, calcium is great for building tooth enamel. Calcium not only builds up tooth enamel and fills in those weak spots the same way it works for bones, but calcium has an added bonus- it encourages saliva in the mouth. Since saliva is mostly responsible for flushing away cavity-causing bacteria and gum disease, then dairy helps out your mouth in many ways, keeping your teeth and whole mouth healthier! Stick to low or nonfat dairy for optimum health while still getting that calcium boost.

Vegetables that your tooth enamel loves in particular are carrots. Carrots have beta-carotene in them which builds healthy enamel in your teeth, while the hard surface of the carrots sloughs away plaque. Hate carrots? Munch on celery instead, which leaves your teeth as clean as brushing does, and keeps out that nasty bacteria that invades your tooth enamel. Other veggies super healthy for your tooth enamel? Sweet potato and pumpkin, which are also rich in beta-carotene, will build all those teeth up.

Protein without a lot of fat, like chicken or fish, provide a pH balance in your mouth as you chew on them so you don’t breed as much bacteria in your mouth (bacteria destroys enamel). These lean meats (including beef), are also rich in phosphorous, which builds enamel and protects the teeth from cavities. So when you munch on your proteins, you build tooth enamel and protect your mouth from nasty bacteria at the same time.

Want to protect your tooth enamel but you don’t have access to any of these awesome foods or a toothbrush? Swig good ol water in your mouth, and you’ll flush out bacteria, food particles stuck in your teeth, and slough away impending plaque. Simply drinking water and swishing it around your mouth after a meal or treat can protect the enamel you already have, and keep your teeth healthier, longer. Plus, water’s free!

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