For What it is Worth – Thoughts From Someone Who is About to Graduate College

I constantly find that myself thinking about that moment when everything fits into place – every puzzle piece is in its place, every bead in the right way, every moment sequencing together. I just find myself wondering if that is a moment we all feel. Do things ever come together and reach some kind of momentous feeling? Do we get that one moment of zen and realize no matter what, things will work out? I just wonder.

I lay in the midst of my last college semester wondering what is next. What am I going to be doing the second after I hear my name read out loud and walk to the other side with my new fellow graduates? What happens next? Do I get lucky and get a job? Or do I move back home five hours away from something that has not changed? Do I find someone to share my life with? Or do I sail on alone?

I didn’t find my Mr. Perfect in college, and maybe we have not crossed paths yet. I just wonder if that big scary real world is full of loneliness or no change from what I am used to. I wonder if things, by the time I am 30, will be in place because eight years really is not that long. I survived high school, and I survived college, so I know I can take anything when it hits me. No life is perfect, nor do I expect it ever to be, but I feel like that we all deserve a moment to realize that things fit into place. The right hands meet and each finger fits into that groove and the world just seems at peace if only for one minute or one second.

At this point I don’t really care, but just for that little bit of time, I would like to know that all my hard work, all my dedication and my motivation, and all my fears really came to that point where everything is going to be OK. I might be alone now or I just might be looking for something great that hasn’t touched me yet.

I strive to feel that moment of bliss and realize that everything this world has to offer has touched me for a brief moment and moved on to someone else and to someone else after that. Life happens and changes us, but all we can hope is that those motivations help us to become someone the world has been waiting for if only we reach one other person, at least we could know that things happen in a sequence for a reason. That is all I really hope for and really want to see. Like Anne Frank once said, “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” We do it for ourselves and for that moment of relief.

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