Forever Undone

I still hurt and I am not the only one.

You left us here, struggling, with what you have done.

You had cable and new cars.

We asked the questions, the where you ares.

Some school days, we barely had clothes.

How my poor mother did it, no one knows.

The south Georgia days we spent without air conditioning.

Oh, your kids, you were not missing.

We begged for your attention.

None of that was ever given.

My mom tried to assure us that we were once wanted.

For a father’s love, I have always hunted.

And you should be quite ashamed.

I tell you this, none of us kids were to blame.

We grew up without you.

No thought of what hell we went through.

Well, I know now that you had your demons.

In adulthood, does that make us even?

I have mine, too.

Do I blame them on you?

No, I go bravely on alone.

Trying not make your third wife frown.

I am quite grown.

I have a disease and it will live on.

Not your problem, but what if.

What if I once needed?

I have made her mad.

I try not to cry, but is so sad.

She has your heart.

Of your blood, I am a part.

Not that this matters.

I dream of happily ever afters.

She dreams of your money.

Believe me, I never had that in my life, honey.

A dad is all I want.

I am trying to pretend that that hope is not gone.

We all sometimes fall.

One precious call.

We get one chance.

I love you dad.

I never asked to be brought here.

but, I am always near.

You think about that.

I think I have had enough of sad.

Are we forever undone?

Or has your heart finally won?








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