Forget What You’ve Seen on ‘SNL’: Five of the Best Lana Del Rey’s Songs Yet

Forget what you have seen on “Saturday Night Live”! Breaking headlines this week is the reviews of Lana Del Rey’s performance on the Saturday, January 14, 2012, episode of “Saturday Night Live.” While the performance was certainly not her best, she should not be written off as a formidable talent just yet. Lana Del Rey has a beautiful, seductive voice and her songs are unique, intriguing and catchy. Here is a look at five of Lana Del Rey’s best songs yet, and why the future is bright for this intriguing new singer.

“Video Games”

Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games” took me by surprise. A gorgeous voice combined, with a beautiful harmony and thoughtful lyrics create a memorable song. Lana Del Rey has a unique sound that is showcased brilliantly in “Video Games.” The top it all, I love the thrumming of the harp in the background.

“Off to the Races”

One of the edgiest songs by Lana Del Rey is “Off to the Races.” Roughly thirty seconds into the songs, the tempo skyrockets, making this a highly danceable track. The racing lyrics, the tone of her voice and the evolving melody make “Off to the Races” a highly enjoyable track.

“Raise Me Up (Mississippi South)”

Lana Del Rey’s deep, sultry voice simmers with “Raise Me Up (Mississippi South.” The song features a catchy beat, an enjoyable sound and memorable lyrics. I was impressed with the different moods that Del Rey’s voice evokes in the different songs, and in “Raise Me Up (Mississippi South)” we are introduced to a calm, velvet version of her voice.

“Blue Jeans”

“Blue Jeans” has a sexy, alluring vibe that reminds me a great deal of Tori Amos circa 1996. This song showcases her gorgeous voice. Few women with voices as deep as Del Rey’s can evoke a sexiness like she can. Halfway through the door, the tempo kicks into high gear and this song becomes unforgettable.

“You Can Be the Boss”

“You Can Be the Boss” is a direct removal from her smoother sound in “Video Games.” “You Can Be the Boss” is sexy, edgy and fun. This could easily be the song that shows that she is not a one-trick pony and can easily perform different styles of music.

Don’t give up on Lana Del Rey based upon one performance on SNL. Her recorded tracks are stunning and the future holds big things for this rising star.

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