Forty Winks’ ‘Bow Wow’ is Good Ol’ Fashioned Punk

Forty Winks’ new album, “Bow Wow,” sounds like an album that could have come out in the ’70s. A true testament of a project that works is the ability to transcend time. Its punk driven sound filled with crafty organs and loose guitar riffs hooks you in immediately. This album could have been a hit in the ’70s, ’80s and every subsequent decade after.

The Italian punk band has been playing for nearly 15 years and it is very evident in “Bow Wow,” Forty Winks’ third album, that they’ve got their shit in tact. What I’ve discovered is the band has made a name for itself in its native Italy but is still trying to find an audience in America.

“Bow Wow” may just accomplish that mission. A band like The Doors whose catalog of songs was organ fused with short guitar riffs still find radio play today. Lyrically and musically Forty Winks match up with The Doors. Think of Forty Winks as The Doors going punk.

If the members of Forty Winks can find themselves on a Vans Warped Tour or major festival they’ll find an audience very quickly. Fans of The Hives and Queens of the Stone Age may find themselves hooked on Forty Winks.

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