Four Signs You May Be Addicted to Cocaine

Despite cocaine being illegal, many Americans use cocaine, some recreationally and only occasionally, while others use the drug frequently and may suffer from an addiction to the drug. For cocaine users, the distinction between recreational use and addiction are difficult to distinguish. There are signs to pay attention to that may indicate a cocaine addiction.

Using drugs to relax or forget problems
Addicts are more likely to use drugs as a way to relax or forget their problems. If you find yourself wanting to use drugs in times of stress, or to unwind, you may suffer from an addiction. If cocaine becomes a way for you to cope with the stressors in your life, you may be suffering from an addiction.

Struggling financially because of drug use
If you are facing financial difficulty due to spending money on cocaine, you may be addicted. Cocaine, like many drug habits, can become very expensive and can cause addicts to empty their bank accounts trying to keep up with their addiction. If you find that you are lying, stealing or borrowing money to fund your cocaine purchases, you’re likely suffering from a cocaine addiction.

Problems in school or work
If you find yourself struggling in school or work, you may be suffering from an addiction. If you’re missing multiple days of school or work, or your grades are dropping, you may be suffering the consequences of cocaine addiction.

If you find that you are preoccupied, worried about others around you, or experiencing intense bouts of paranoia, you may be suffering from a cocaine addiction. Cocaine can leave users very suspicious and paranoid of those around them, even without reason.

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