Free Apple Cozy Patterns

Are you tired of bruised apples in your lunch? Or do you just want your apple to look cute sitting on your desk at work? Why not make yourself a cute apple cozy to help protect and dress up your apple? An apple cozy is not only quick and easy to make but it is a great way to use up scrap yarn. Here are four of my favorite apple cozy patterns.

Natural Suburbia: Apple Cozy/Jacket Knitting Pattern Tutorial

This knitted apple cozy from Linda at Natural Suburbia is absolutely adorable. I love the little apple button that holds the cozy around the apple; it is the perfect little detail.

Linda’s pattern is well written and features a few photos of the knitting process to help you navigate through the more confusing parts of the pattern.

You can find Linda’s apple cozy pattern by visiting her blog, Natural Suburbia.

Vegan Craftastic: Angry Apple Cozy

If cute and adorable just isn’t your style, or you just feel like throwing an attitude from time to time you might like this Angry Apple Cozy from Kala at Vegan Craftastic.

This angry little apple cozy won’t make you angry when you are crocheting it up, as it is a simple project using just basic crochet stitches. The tutorial features basic instructions to help you make your own Angry Apple Cozy.

You can find Kala’s Angry Apple Cozy tutorial by visiting her blog, Vegan Craftastic.

Pumpkin Dress For an Apple

Whether you are looking to camouflage your apple or just want to get in the perfect fall mood than this cute knitted Pumpkin Dress For an Apple might be just the pattern for you.

The pattern comes as a downloadable PDF pattern, which is perfect for printing out for use.

You can download the Pumpkin Dress For an Apple Pattern here.

Kristen TenDyke: Fruit Cozies

Kristen shares a great apple cozy pattern on her website, Kristen TenDyke. Kristen’s apple cozy is more of a sack, which fully protects the fruit. Not only does Kristen offer a pattern for an apple cozy but she also offers patterns for a banana cozy and a pear cozy.

Kristen’s patterns come in a downloadable PDF pattern. The pattern is very detailed and looks like a professional pattern featuring step-by-step instructions. While the patterns are available for free Kristen does have a button on her website that allows you to donate money to her for the time she spent creating her patterns.

You can view Kristen’s Apple Cozy pattern and download it by visiting her website. Kristen Ten Dyke.

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