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When the weather starts to turn nippy I love to crochet, and there is nothing better than a good FREE Crochet Pattern. You may wish for a new crochet pattern or a great alternative to the items available in the store. This variety of Hooded Scarfs, Capped Scarfs, and Crochet Stocking Caps are great free patterns! Whether you need one in a new color to match a new winter coat, a new fun style, one to give as a gift to a friend, or donate to the homeless. Here are some simple designs you can use to get started.

One of my new attempts this fall has been to try some new styles of hat /scarf combination. This Hooded Scarf uses three colors. Magenta, Teal, and Dark Orchid may not be to every choice, but you can always feel free to choose similar yarns in a color pallet to match your needs. What I enjoyed about this hat was the open crochet on the scarf and hat make it impractical for winter use, but perfect for a spring breeze, not to warm for October, March and April.

Christina Budd of Christina’s Crochethaven is the creator of this great pattern. The pattern is actually a complete hat first with a scarf attached smoothly to ensure that the cold wind or snow is not going to sneak in between your hat and scarf which is really cold in a snow fight! I must say this is one of my favorites because it is so easy and looks so good.

This versatile stocking cap is designed to stretch wide if needed or wrap around your neck. A personal variation I made on this cap was when I reached the 8th round I continued on for 32 rows without increasing by one. Then at row 43 I began the increasing until I had an appropriate sized hat for myself. This decreases the versatility of the hat to only a scarf like attachment, but works better for my needs. When you follow the stocking cap link you do not need to give them your e-mail address just scroll down the page.

This thick warm Hooded Scarf is an older pattern originally published in 1916. It is classic and feminine. The fringe detail around the face is very classically feminine and romantic looking. It is a more difficult pattern to understand as they wrote them a little different in 1916. Also the skeins of yarn must have been smaller at that time, because it certainly did not take 6 skeins, though if you used a finer yarn it may.

This scarf by RoseRed Designs is a simple one done in long rows of 150 stitches for the scarf and then shorter rows in the center for the hood. It is done all in double Crochet stitches making it a great one to get distracted with. It requires little thought to turn, count stitches, or change pattern, so you can watch TV while you work!

The next design is more complicated, and has more visual interest. The designer lists it as intermediate pattern. It is done in heavy thick yarn ensuring that it is warm for winter. It has some appeal though I do not care so well for it, perhaps in more modern color pallet.



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