Free EFL/ESL Conversation Questions: Films

If you’d like to get your EFL/ESL students to have a discussion about films but don’t have the time to come up with any questions to get a conversation going, feel free to use the following list. It’s a list of questions that I’ve used with my EFL/ESL courses, and they work great. They’ve always gotten my students to speak, and I’m sure they’ll get your students to speak as well.

What makes a good film? What’s the last film you’ve seen? What are your favorite films? How often do you watch a film? Do you have a favorite genre of film? Do you usually watch films at the cinema or at home on DVD? Can films be educational in your opinion? How many times do you usually watch a film if you really like it? Have your ever downloaded a film from the internet? What’s the scariest, funniest film you’ve ever seen? What’s the worst, best film you’ve ever seen? Have you ever walked out of the cinema in the middle of a film? Have you ever been in a film before?


Here is a link that contains some ideas to teach English using film.

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