Free EFL/ESL Conversation Questions: Restaurants

Many EFL/ESL students like speaking about restaurants. It’s something they find easy to have a conversation about in English, and, often, they have a lot to say. If you’re interested in getting your EFL/ESL students to have a conversation about restaurants, the free questions located below will help. Add your own EFL/ESL questions and/or eliminate any of them as see you see fit.Do you have a favorite restaurant? How often you go out to eat? Do you like fancy or simple restaurants? What type of restaurant do you usually go to: Italian, Indian, Chinese, something else? Do you know anybody who owns a restaurant? Have you ever worked in a restaurant? In your opinion, what’s the hardest thing about running a restaurant? Have you ever walked out of a restaurant without eating the food? Are there any restaurants you would never return to? Why? What do you look for in a restaurant: ambiance, good food, good service? What are some of the reasons why a restaurant could be successful and/or unsuccessful? What are some the reasons why you would try or not try a specific restaurant? What’s the most expensive restaurant you’ve ever been to? Are there a lot of restaurants in the area where you live? What time are restaurants open to for dinner in your country? Would you like to own a restaurant? Why or Why not? What type?

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