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Free website template are a terrific option if you are just getting started. They can be customized to some extent to meet your needs, and can save you hundreds of dollars in design costs. Below I have included links to a few free website template sites that offer templates that may be used in most any application including Dreamweaver and FrontPage, and may be used for HTML and Flash based websites. I hope you find a wonderful template for your new website! – Free Website Templates
This website features free website templates for HTML and Flash websites that give you design for the homepage and the interior pages. I haven’t found this feature on other website template sites. The templates are always offered in three color formats and each template is completely editable. They also give you a few tips for search engine optimization, where to find royalty-free stock photos and placement of text so that your visitors are most likely to see it. – Free Website Templates
This site offers free website designs that include free fonts, pictures, animation, backgrounds, effects and more. You are able to choose the one you like and make it your own with their easy-to-use drag & drop editor. This editing feature also lets you update, modify, and publish in seconds. – Free Website Templates
This website offers a nice collection of web templates for just about any market niche. Each template is designed by Template World designers. Templates may be uploaded to Dreamweaver, Front page for editing. WordPress templates are also available. – Free Website Templates
This website offers a good selection of free templates. All or their free templates are customizable. They can be used in any way that serves your business best. This company also offers logo design if you still need to create one, or want to redesign your current one. – Free Website Templates

This site provides many free website templates, along with web buttons, logos and web design packages. The free web templates they offer have original graphics and designs. These offerings are free, you only have to leave their copyright link at the bottom of any page that uses their designs.

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