Frugal Family Fall Fun

Fall is upon us. The air is crisp. The kids are back in school. The days are shortening. Nevertheless there is still a chance to plan and do several fun and easy on the budget things at home or a short journey from the house in the name of family togetherness. Let’s get out and enjoy the warm fall afternoons while there is still time. But first I must finish this article.Make A scarecrow. The kid’s and I usually do this yearly. If you have straw, that is great, but even crumpled newspaper or anything else on hand that you can use to recycle will do. You can even stuff with old blankets or pillows. If you fear the scarecrow getting wet, place it under a protected area. You could even have it as an in door’s decoration if you have a place to place it. Use any hat that you think works best. Add overalls,or jeans. Use a flannel type shirt or a plaid jacket. Choose old boots and wool socks. Imagination is the key. With no straw you can do hair-yarn or string. Like with a snowman, add buttons for eyes, nuts, or twigs. Anything you have on hand-that works for the face. Take a short hike and gather fall leaves. Scrapbook them. There are many books on what types of leaves you have found at the library or you can get information from the internet. Great way to get fresh air and exercise. Go to an apple orchard and pick fresh apples. If unable to do that do A fruit stand and make home made apple pie together. Get out the old recipe book or find a recipe on the internet. You can even get already made pie crust to do it with. Have an “Out goes the summer-in comes the fall” picnic out on the lawn or at a nearby park. Go shopping for “time to feed the birds” supplies. This one will cost some for the feed , suet and feeders or you can look up homemade ideas and do that. All you may need to purchase then is the seed. Make a fall wreath. Find acorns or other nuts. Gather pine cones. Paint these different colors, gold or colors of fall and glue on a cardboard circle or purchase a wreathe to glue them upon in a nice pattern. Find the nearest state park and hike around, playing a game such as finding the smallest or biggest pine cone or Who an spot a squirrel nut gathering first.( come up with your own ideas.) If the park has water- race leaves like boats down the stream. Do a scavenger hunt, making a list of things you need to find such as a bird feather, a bird, the squirrel, a rock, etc. When all lists are completed you go somewhere for an ice cream cone or if chilly outdoors, hot chocolate.

I hope these suggestions give you some help and ideas for Fall fun. Be safe and have a great time. Happy Autumn!!!

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