Frye Brooke Small Satchel

Possibly the most gorgeous satchel ever made has been released from the Frye company in 2011 – the Frye Brooke Small Satchel. While the dimensions on this bag are rather small, as one might guess from the name, the organizational features and capacity might surprise you. And the fact that it converts into a crossbody with a special strap that is included makes this bag even more functional. The style is this bag is fabulous as well, with studding on the sides of the bag as well as along the strap, the Frye logo embedded on the side and other more subtle details. It at this writing is available in a rich burnt rerd shade and has a retail price of around $230.

While this bag as it stands seems to be the perfect choice for ladies this year, there are other bag styles that compare in overall looks which you might want to check over:

Jessica Simpson Libby East/West Satchel:

This satchel from the Jessica Simpson collection also has a rich look and other vintage looking details. One difference in the construction is the material itself, the Libby comes from man made materials yet has the look of leather. Slender strapping and buckles decorate the side to give it an added touch. This is a nice sized bag which comes in five different colors and designs and has a retail price of around $90.

Fossil Sienna East/West Satchel:

The Fossil Sienna East/West Satchel has quite a similar appearance when compared to the Brooke Small Satchel from Frye. The top of the bag is slightly wider than the bottom, this design also comes with a crossbody strap which allows it to convert to a cross-body style. Also constructed from real leather, this bag comes in a few different rich and earthy colors and has a retail price of around $180.

Fossil Maddox Satchel Handbag:

Here is another excellent choice in satchel bags this year from Fossil, the Maddox. This version from Fossil has more of a squared off bottom, with some decorative details that make it quite special. A vintage overall look constructed from real leather and also with a strap to convert it to a crossbody handbag. It comes in a couple of different colors and has a retail price of around $200.

Even though the list above gives a good idea of what the top styles in satchel handbags are for women in 2011, I will say that of all of them I have not seen one as stylish and functional as the Frye Brooke Satchel for women.

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