Frye Jane Strappy Boot

The Frye Jane Strappy is a very worthy addition to the women’s Frye collection coming into the fall season of 2011. In fact I would venture to say that this boot is one of the most gorgeous boots available today, having a long and sleek look, combined with a very stylish edge of double wrap-around buckled straps at the top of the shaft and around the ankle. This is a can’t miss boot, having all the looks a lady could want. It is constructed from either fine leather or suede, having a few different solid color and color combinations. It has a retail price of around $360.

If this boot style is right up your alley yet you would like to check out some additional similar boots, here are some good choices to take a peek at:

Eric Michael Tuscany Boot:

Eric Michael is a fairly new designer brand that I recently stumbled across, and as a note has an extremely stylish collection of boots and other footwear for women. The Tuscany boot from Eric Michael is quite a similar style to the Jane Strappy however with a bit of a lower heel. It is also long and sleek, as well as dual wrap around buckled straps at the ankle and atop the boot shaft. It comes in a few different color versions and has a retail price of around $230.

Ralph Lauren Collection Safara Boot:

This boot is absolutely stunning, having quite a smooth and sleek look that simply will not lose. It has a long and elegant look which is similar to the Jane Strappy from Frye, but only a single slender buckled strap about the ankle. It comes in a single whiskey brown shade called Cuoio, and has a retail price of $1,100, which as a note is actually quite a stretch from the Frye Jane Strappy in comparison.

Seychelles Safari Boot:

The Seychelles Safari is an adorable boot, again quite similar in looks to the Frye Jane Strappy. Like the Safara from Ralph Lauren it has but one buckled delicate strap around the ankle rather than featuring double straps, but the looks are very much the same. It is constructed from leather for the upper with a long tall look that is so on trend these days. It comes in a few rich dark shades and has a retail price of around $200, making it the most affordable of the comparison boots on this list.

If you love a long and sleek look in a boot style, with some edgy and very fashionable touches the Frye Jane Strappy boot is an excellent pick, while the other choices on the list above also appear to have some real potential.

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