Full Spectrum Wrestling Gets “UGLY” on Oct. 15th in Taunton, MA Plus… The Ladies of New England

The match signed for Oct. 15th at the FSW Arena (437 Whittenton Street, in Taunton, MA) is being billed as the battle of the “Ugly Rejects” as “The Devil’s Reject” Brandon Webb goes one on one with “Tattooed Ugly” Lenn Oddity.

One one side we have Brandon Webb. Webb has amazing aerial ability. Best known for his Top Rope Moonsault as well as his Quebrada (Lionsault). As long as Webb is able to take flight, he will also take home a victory over Oddity.
Another factor in this match is Webb’s sister Scarlett. Don’t let her size deceive you, she is tough and has no problem showing her dark side.
In the opposite corner we have Lenn Oddity from New York, and I must say that Oddity isn’t your average pro wrestler. Don’t let his presence fool you. To the fans he is a funny lovable guy. But to his opponent, well you are in for one hell of a match. Will we see the fun Lenn Oddity? The psycho Lenn Oddity? There is only one way to find out.

On Oct. 15th at the FSW Arena (437 Whittenton Street, in Taunton, MA)
With an 8:00 pm bell time and tickets being only $12 (First 50 get a voucher for Pizza, Soda, and chips)
Be there and experience FULL SPECTRUM WRESTLING


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