Fun and Creative Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Are you scouring the internet for Halloween costumes for couples? Don’t want to spend a fortune on matching costumes? Look for unique ideas? Here are a handful of creative Halloween costume ideas for couples.

Scarecrow and Corn

This would be hilarious. You would get lots of laughs and it would create some funny photos. One partner dresses as a scarecrow, and the other as corn. You can purchase a scarecrow costume online, or create one your own using overalls, a plaid shirt, hay, and some make-up. The corn costume would require some artistic abilities. Search Yahoo images for “corn costume” for some examples.

Crayons and a Refrigerator with Kid’s Artwork

These costumes might be pricey, but they are definitely unique. One partner can dress as a crayon, or box of crayons. You can buy this costume on several Halloween costume websites. The other can dress as a refrigerator. Search Yahoo images for “refrigerator costume” too see some creative examples. Attach a few examples of children’s artwork (using crayons) to the box.

Snowman and Person Dressed for Winter

If one partner doesn’t mind wearing a winter coat in the end of October, this is a great choice. One dresses in winter attire such as a coat, earmuffs, gloves, etc. The other dresses as a Snowman. You can creatye this yourself using a white sweatsuit, carrot, stuffing (to make yourself round), and a black hat. Search on Yahoo images for “snowman costume” for more ideas.

Butterfly and Caterpillar

Another cute idea is to dress up as a butterfly and a caterpillar. The butterfly costume could be as simple as wearing a brown sweatsuit and attaching cardboard decorative wings on the back. For the caterpillar costume, your partner could wear a green sweat-suit and a headband with antennas.

Facebook and Computer Mouse

This one is a little bizarre, but it is definitely a one-of-a-kind idea. One partner dresses as “Facebook” and the other as a computer mouse. For ideas on how to dress as “Facebook”, search on Yahoo images. The computer mouse costume can be created using cardboard, or you could just wrap a couple of wire computer mouses are you.

These are five Halloween costume ideas for couples. These are perfect for sorority/fraternity Halloween parties, church parties and Halloween family reunions. If none of these ideas work for you, please read, “Creative and Clever Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples” and “Cute and Unique Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples.” Also, please check out “More Cute and Unique Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples.”

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